Aerial & Commercial Videography

WTS Aerial Division specializes in aerial inspection and videography using UAV’s. We have the technology, equipment and expertise to save your business time and money. Through high resolution and thermal imaging, we can be your eyes in the skies to bring a newly found perspective to any project.




Marketing & Creative

Image is everything, WTS can help. Our team of designers and marketing professionals help position your business for success. We will make your brand stand out and leave a lasting impression on your customers. From Website Design & SEO, Graphic Design, Social Media to Advertising Campaigns we can do it all. We get to know your project needs, collaborate and design, and finally deliver on your dreams!


Photography & Video

WTS photographers have years of experience capturing the important moments your business needs. In real estate, we focus on the details and see the property through our lens as if we were a buyer. Through this process, we help to make sure your property is being pictured at its best. At corporate events, we can document and capture a gathering that can be remembered for years to come. Lastly, as a Kansas born business, we enjoy capturing the landscapes and outdoor activities.




Managed IT Services

We make technology easy! From computer repair to smartphone use, WTS can help with all your technical support needs. Our staff wields a wide range of experience with small and large scale IT infrastructure. We can resolve, diagnose and repair your hardware or software related issues. If things aren’t working right, but your not sure what’s wrong, we can diagnose the situation and advise you on the best solution.


Business Consulting

We are a small business our self and understand the importance of the success of your business. With our vast range of experience and expertise, we have helped start businesses from the ground up, streamline operations, and turn businesses around. Don’t make unnecessary costly mistakes when you could leverage the knowledge, expertise and network of our team.